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A Reminder About Extra Life

Heads up! It’s less than two months away.

Downloading Please Wait!?

When Sony and Microsoft first told us how the updating architecture for games on the PS4 and Xbone was going to function, I and a few other members of Sanctuary Crew, and heck the gaming scene in general were excited to hear you could start playing when a certain percentage of your game had installed, that your patches would download in the background of system operation so you could keep playing and install at your leisure. You could put your system into a suspended state just focused on keeping everything up to date so you could play when you […]

Mega Man Legacy Collection

It’s easy to dismiss Capcom’s announcement of the Mega Man Legacy Collection as both a quick cash grab and an attempt to derail Mighty Number 9. The expected release date ties in closely with Mighty Number 9’s own release, and Capcom certainly has reason to be desperate to show something– ANYTHING– Mega Man with so little to show for Mega Man fans lately.

I’ll admit I was extremely skeptical at first, myself. $15 for only the first six games? A reasonable price, to be sure– cheaper than the 3DS/Wii U Virtual Console titles– but missing at least five titles in […]

Sanctuary Crew Event: Eorzea’s Eternal Bond at Hyperion

Sketch by RetroZero

Date: Saturday, 11 April 2015 Where: Sanctuary Crew – Channel 1 Time: 19:30 Pacific Standard Time

It is a Final Fantasy Wedding at Eorzea. The two couple braved the odds against all nature and insanity and will be wedded. Watch the upcoming ceremony as the two finally join as one couple. All are invited.

Special Livestream & GameDev Interview Day

Date: Friday, 6 March 2015 Where: Sanctuary Crew – Channel 1 Time: 12:00-16:00 Pacific Standard Time Special Guests: KIRO’O Games Studio & Radical Fish Game Hey everyone, Sanctuary Crew has a special present for all of our viewers. The games that we will be playing are going to be rather global! Sanctuary Crew members RetroNutcase and CK20XX will show our wonderful viewers to fantastic games.

12:00-14:00 ~ AURION: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

RetroNutcase will kick things off with a preview of a game taking place in an African fantasy world developed by KIRO’O Games Studio, the first video […]

27 Feb: Oblitus with Seizui



When: Friday, 27 February 2015 Where: Sanctuary Crew – Channel 1 Time: 1200 Pacific Standard Time

Are you a bad enough dude to take on the brutal and mysterious world as an amnesiac warrior with a spear?! Follow the tale of Parvus as he faces his heavy burden.

The game is developed by Connor Ullmann (@UllCon), programmed by Shawn Adams (@qtbon), composed by Josh Whelchel (@soundofjw), and published by Adult Swim Games (@adultswimgames).

Join Seizui(@seizui_), the stabbing fiend with a lot of rage, as he stabs his way through everything in his way as he […]

20th Anniversary of Lufia 2

On February 24th, we will be running a Lufia-thon in celebration of the original Japanese release of Lufia 2 (or Estpolis Denki 2 as it was known then).


Seolla will be on Lufia 2, therpgfan on Lufia 1, and I will be playing Lufia: The Legend Returns because I hate myself (I actually like the game).

So, this was just a heads up. If anyone wants to play any other Lufia game (Ruins of Lore or Curse of the Sinistrals), what’s wrong with you? I mean… you’re more than welcome to… but… um… what’s wrong with you?

Sanctuary Crew Presents: The Darkest Dungeon (Feb 6)

Hey everyone, we will be presenting a livestream gameplay of The Darkest Dungeon.

What is Darkest Dungeon?

It is a gothic roguelike turn-based RPG that deals with the stresses of adventuring. You get to train a group of flawed heroes against the unimaginable horrors.

Their game comes out Feb 3.

Who will stream it?

Our streamer in question is none other than RetroNutcase. He’ll be handling the gameplay for everyone to see. Stay tuned to see the game in action!

When will it be streamed?

This Friday, February 6th. Stay tuned for more information.


A Return to Familiar, Yet Not so Familiar Waters.

Long Ago, when Char was but a teenager,there was a game called Navyfield. It was at it’s time, and technically still is, on of the only Naval-Based World War Two MMORPGs. Made by SDEnterNET WAY back in 2004,it is a sprite based MMORPG Focused on the Naval Combat of World War 2.From the Isometric Perspective, you Captain your mighty vessel to Victory or Defeat. You had Sailors representing the major stations of your ship. as They leveled up,you got access to better equipment and Larger,more Powerful Vessels. It was simplicity in itself. at the time, I was riding the High […]

Extra Life time slots up for grabs

There are no set lengths to the slots. If you feel like you can be an emergency back up for that slot as well, feel free to note that. If anyone has any ideas for any potential multiplayer streams that would be amazing.

I’ll try my best to take up any free slots but I can’t guarantee my availability especially early in the morning.

If there are any questions or conflicts, feel free to ask. You all should know where to catch me by now.