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Downloading Please Wait!?

When Sony and Microsoft first told us how the updating architecture for games on the PS4 and Xbone was going to function, I and a few other members of Sanctuary Crew, and heck the gaming scene in general were excited to hear you could start playing when a certain percentage of your game had installed, that your patches would download in the background of system operation so you could keep playing and install at your leisure. You could put your system into a suspended state just focused on keeping everything up to date so you could play when you […]

Mega Man Legacy Collection

It’s easy to dismiss Capcom’s announcement of the Mega Man Legacy Collection as both a quick cash grab and an attempt to derail Mighty Number 9. The expected release date ties in closely with Mighty Number 9’s own release, and Capcom certainly has reason to be desperate to show something– ANYTHING– Mega Man with so little to show for Mega Man fans lately.

I’ll admit I was extremely skeptical at first, myself. $15 for only the first six games? A reasonable price, to be sure– cheaper than the 3DS/Wii U Virtual Console titles– but missing at least five titles in […]

A Return to Familiar, Yet Not so Familiar Waters.

Long Ago, when Char was but a teenager,there was a game called Navyfield. It was at it’s time, and technically still is, on of the only Naval-Based World War Two MMORPGs. Made by SDEnterNET WAY back in 2004,it is a sprite based MMORPG Focused on the Naval Combat of World War 2.From the Isometric Perspective, you Captain your mighty vessel to Victory or Defeat. You had Sailors representing the major stations of your ship. as They leveled up,you got access to better equipment and Larger,more Powerful Vessels. It was simplicity in itself. at the time, I was riding the High […]

The Art of Simulation.

Hey! It’s your Friendly Neighborhood Colony Dropper here to let you in on some fun behind the scenes stuff. I have over the past few weeks been reigniting my passions of Simulators. Impulse Buying Track IR4 and IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad in a single night. Followed up by a new Graphics card purchase the next day. Of course my new Joystick which was Unboxed on Twitter a month ago. Here I’ll be giving a rundown of everything I’ve done.


Wide Shot Showing my tiny Monitor that I use and my Joystick/Keyboard Setup. Generally when I’m on my […]

Megacraft Classic’s Author Mulls Over Microsoft And Minecraft

I host a single-player survival Minecraft series called The Timber River Project, and as I look around at all I’ve done in it, I feel kinda concerned due to recent events. I mean, I finally got my first toothache and though I think I’ll be able to pay for it and everything, it’s been fickle and causing me stress that’s been affecting my video output, as if I didn’t have enough factors tampering with that already. I live with a family of five, myself included, I have various pets to take care of, I give my folks a good […]

A Heartfelt Food For Thought

I am a gamer. I am a warrior of the past, a rebel of the present, and an agent of the future. I am the old and the new, from pixel to polygon. I am finite and infinite. I have answered the yearning of my imagination.

I am a gamer. When I open the gate, it takes me to a different world. I will travel the world, see new lands, explore places I never dreamed of. My controller is my sword, shield, gun, guide, or whatever I want it to be. I will defeat the monster, […]

Couldn’t leave some things without a response

So I made the mistake of checking Twitter before going back to bed, and found myself unable to sleep until I’d responded to a few things. Two tweets in particular caught my eye. The first one is a good point worth debating:

The simplest counterpoint is that as far as your non-game-playing Aunt, Fox News, CNN, NBC, and your senator is concerned, there IS NO DIFFERENCE between the use of “Gamer” as someone who plays video games as compared to the culture as a whole. The use of the term is wholly there to paint the broadest, easiest strokes […]

Lack of communication got us here.

I’ve been sitting on this for a few days, trying to consider very carefully how I want to say the following. I don’t really expect people to listen, but if I can convince even one person to stop and think, this will have been worth the effort.

Let’s get one thing straight from the beginning:

I am a gamer. I play video games as a hobby. I’ve been playing them for over 35 years now.

Some would say that makes me a terrible person, in light of some recent events within the gaming community. I say that the rush to […]

War Thunder, And Why I Complain About It A Lot!

Well,it was bound to happen.I’d eventually get around to posting about it.The Russian Elephant in the room,War Thunder.

For the uninformed, War Thunder is quite simply an MMO Flight Simulator. Where teams of 16 Players go head to head for air supremacy. Wait, correction. It’s ALSO an MMO Tank Simulator. Where teams of 16 Players go head to head for ground supremacy. Oh… and somewhere down the line warships as well. It has Hundreds of planes encompassing the major players of World War 2. Currently tanks are limited to German and Russians, with the rest to come down the […]

Firefall: Potential For Greatness, But Needs a Little Work.


About two weeks ago we saw the official release of a game that has been through a long development cycle, filled with ups and downs. Over this development period I would poke into early access to see what was going on with something I had been intrigued by the concept of. An open world shooter with a dynamic living map? Sign me up! So what do I think about the game now that it’s become open for anyone to play?