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[Review] Gunman Clive and Gunman Clive 2 (Nintendo 3DS)

With the floodgates of indie games completely opened, it sometimes can be a bit difficult to catch the really interesting titles right when they first come out. So it was with the Gunman Clive series for me. It wasn’t until I borrowed a friend’s copy that I actually paid much attention to the game. Let’s see if the games are actually worth your money and precious gaming time!

Gunman Clive starts you off as the titular protagonist, trying to stop bandits from wrecking the peaceful countryside. It’s a pretty basic side scrolling action game, with a somewhat slow, deliberate […]

War Thunder, And Why I Complain About It A Lot!

Well,it was bound to happen.I’d eventually get around to posting about it.The Russian Elephant in the room,War Thunder.

For the uninformed, War Thunder is quite simply an MMO Flight Simulator. Where teams of 16 Players go head to head for air supremacy. Wait, correction. It’s ALSO an MMO Tank Simulator. Where teams of 16 Players go head to head for ground supremacy. Oh… and somewhere down the line warships as well. It has Hundreds of planes encompassing the major players of World War 2. Currently tanks are limited to German and Russians, with the rest to come down the […]

Firefall: Potential For Greatness, But Needs a Little Work.


About two weeks ago we saw the official release of a game that has been through a long development cycle, filled with ups and downs. Over this development period I would poke into early access to see what was going on with something I had been intrigued by the concept of. An open world shooter with a dynamic living map? Sign me up! So what do I think about the game now that it’s become open for anyone to play?


The World at War


Alright.So,it’s time for my First Post,and mini-blog thing.First of all,a bit of an introduction is in order I guess.

I Go by Char most everywhere.You may mostly see me Playing Kerbal Space Program,but my main interests are in Simulation games.Which besides for War Thunder,isn’t all that exciting to watch.Games for me are one part entertainment,and one part doing something I’ll most likely never be able to do or experience.I consider myself a bit of a grumpy old man of sorts,since I have a tendency to rant about things that greatly displease me.However I love a good conversation about […]