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Sanctuary Crew Presents: EXTRA LIFE WEEK!


Hello Everybody! It is I! Your Extra Life Overlord Char! Wait one moment… I have been informed I cannot refer to myself as the Extra Life Overlord… ANYWAYS! Here is the Definitive Guide to what will be happening with Sanctuary Crew!

Starting on October 30th, We will be running Extra Life Week. October 30th will be the bulk of the Crew’s Activities. Starting no later than 12 Noon Pacific time, and finishing at Midnight Pacific. Running 24 Hours starting midnight the 31st will be Firehawke’s 24 Hour Marathon. Unlike the past few years, we will not be doing […]

Sanctuary Crew Event: Eorzea’s Eternal Bond at Hyperion

Sketch by RetroZero

Date: Saturday, 11 April 2015 Where: Sanctuary Crew – Channel 1 Time: 19:30 Pacific Standard Time

It is a Final Fantasy Wedding at Eorzea. The two couple braved the odds against all nature and insanity and will be wedded. Watch the upcoming ceremony as the two finally join as one couple. All are invited.

Special Livestream & GameDev Interview Day

Date: Friday, 6 March 2015 Where: Sanctuary Crew – Channel 1 Time: 12:00-16:00 Pacific Standard Time Special Guests: KIRO’O Games Studio & Radical Fish Game Hey everyone, Sanctuary Crew has a special present for all of our viewers. The games that we will be playing are going to be rather global! Sanctuary Crew members RetroNutcase and CK20XX will show our wonderful viewers to fantastic games.

12:00-14:00 ~ AURION: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

RetroNutcase will kick things off with a preview of a game taking place in an African fantasy world developed by KIRO’O Games Studio, the first video […]

27 Feb: Oblitus with Seizui



When: Friday, 27 February 2015 Where: Sanctuary Crew – Channel 1 Time: 1200 Pacific Standard Time

Are you a bad enough dude to take on the brutal and mysterious world as an amnesiac warrior with a spear?! Follow the tale of Parvus as he faces his heavy burden.

The game is developed by Connor Ullmann (@UllCon), programmed by Shawn Adams (@qtbon), composed by Josh Whelchel (@soundofjw), and published by Adult Swim Games (@adultswimgames).

Join Seizui(@seizui_), the stabbing fiend with a lot of rage, as he stabs his way through everything in his way as he […]

Sanctuary Crew Presents: The Darkest Dungeon (Feb 6)

Hey everyone, we will be presenting a livestream gameplay of The Darkest Dungeon.

What is Darkest Dungeon?

It is a gothic roguelike turn-based RPG that deals with the stresses of adventuring. You get to train a group of flawed heroes against the unimaginable horrors.

Their game comes out Feb 3.

Who will stream it?

Our streamer in question is none other than RetroNutcase. He’ll be handling the gameplay for everyone to see. Stay tuned to see the game in action!

When will it be streamed?

This Friday, February 6th. Stay tuned for more information.


Conquer China with Me!

So, streaming capabilities is a go. I’m planning to run Romance of the Three Kingdoms for Extra Life. I’m going to poke a lot of you to get you to create a character so that the Sanctuary Crew can conquer China. Anyone who wants to take initiative on that is more than welcome to poke me first.

Here’s some idea of what you’ll need to think about:

Name: Surnames appear first because China. For example: I used RPG as my surname so that it appears as RPG Mel710 in the game

Stats: The game doesn’t give me a limit to […]

27 September: (Unofficially) Falcom Day

… Because why the hell not?

Check the calendar for this Saturday (27 September 2014), people, because it is (unofficially)



Coming this Saturday, we are going from the old school to current gen. Or at least, as current as can be.

7 AM PST: Legacy of the Wizard (Brought to you by Therpgfan) 11 AM PST: Zwei 2 (Brought to you by Seizui) 3 PM PST: Sen No Kiseki II (Brought to you by omgfloofy)

So be sure to come and watch as we kick things off with a bang and end it […]

Coming Tonight! Sanctuary Crew Roundtable – Twitch, Content IDs, and You

We had a really lively discussion on this topic last night on Mumble, and we had the idea to bring that to you tonight. We’ll continue our discussion of twitch.tv and its new content ID system in a format where people can ask questions and participate in the discussion.

Feel free to drop in the chat, and join in. The background will probably be some low impact games that don’t need me paying too much attention, because- frankly- it’s better to give you something visual instead of the talking heads I can’t add in. (I’ll figure it out one […]

Featured Stream: Aegis Defenders Demo & Interview w/GUTS Department(hosted by Seizui)


A new Kickstarter campaign is up and running. This game is called Aegis Defenders. You’ll follow the story of a pair of ruinhunters, engineer Bart and his granddaughter Clu, as they search for the one thing that can save their village from the ruthless Empire – a legendary weapon known as Aegis.

We have a special treat for you all. Join Sanctuary Crew for a sneak peek of the gameplay hosted by the Stab Happy Seizui (and a possible facilitator to do the talking) as we interview the developers of the game, GUTS Department. We will also hope […]

The World at War


Alright.So,it’s time for my First Post,and mini-blog thing.First of all,a bit of an introduction is in order I guess.

I Go by Char most everywhere.You may mostly see me Playing Kerbal Space Program,but my main interests are in Simulation games.Which besides for War Thunder,isn’t all that exciting to watch.Games for me are one part entertainment,and one part doing something I’ll most likely never be able to do or experience.I consider myself a bit of a grumpy old man of sorts,since I have a tendency to rant about things that greatly displease me.However I love a good conversation about […]