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Sanctuary Crew Presents: EXTRA LIFE WEEK!


Hello Everybody! It is I! Your Extra Life Overlord Char! Wait one moment… I have been informed I cannot refer to myself as the Extra Life Overlord… ANYWAYS! Here is the Definitive Guide to what will be happening with Sanctuary Crew!

Starting on October 30th, We will be running Extra Life Week. October 30th will be the bulk of the Crew’s Activities. Starting no later than 12 Noon Pacific time, and finishing at Midnight Pacific. Running 24 Hours starting midnight the 31st will be Firehawke’s 24 Hour Marathon. Unlike the past few years, we will not be doing […]

A Reminder About Extra Life

Heads up! It’s less than two months away.

Extra Life time slots up for grabs

There are no set lengths to the slots. If you feel like you can be an emergency back up for that slot as well, feel free to note that. If anyone has any ideas for any potential multiplayer streams that would be amazing.

I’ll try my best to take up any free slots but I can’t guarantee my availability especially early in the morning.

If there are any questions or conflicts, feel free to ask. You all should know where to catch me by now.

Conquer China with Me!

So, streaming capabilities is a go. I’m planning to run Romance of the Three Kingdoms for Extra Life. I’m going to poke a lot of you to get you to create a character so that the Sanctuary Crew can conquer China. Anyone who wants to take initiative on that is more than welcome to poke me first.

Here’s some idea of what you’ll need to think about:

Name: Surnames appear first because China. For example: I used RPG as my surname so that it appears as RPG Mel710 in the game

Stats: The game doesn’t give me a limit to […]

1-Up Time

Hey guys, remember what next week is? The title is a hint~

Time for Extra Life and while I’m sure many of you have thought of your own individual plans for this event, it’s time to actually coordinate all those ideas. So now you have a topic to accomplish that goal. Comment. Plan. All those good things. Let’s do it for the kids!

Oh, and if anyone here has an excuse why they can’t participate make a post here as well. Even the ones who have already told me theirs please?

War Thunder, And Why I Complain About It A Lot!

Well,it was bound to happen.I’d eventually get around to posting about it.The Russian Elephant in the room,War Thunder.

For the uninformed, War Thunder is quite simply an MMO Flight Simulator. Where teams of 16 Players go head to head for air supremacy. Wait, correction. It’s ALSO an MMO Tank Simulator. Where teams of 16 Players go head to head for ground supremacy. Oh… and somewhere down the line warships as well. It has Hundreds of planes encompassing the major players of World War 2. Currently tanks are limited to German and Russians, with the rest to come down the […]

A New Beginning

It’s a weird feeling to know that I’m obsoleting my capstone project. I’m doing it in this case, however, to ensure added functionality and continuity to the website used by the people of the Sanctuary Crew and our fans.

This new site will be running on WordPress. This way, members that do not have HTML access or the ability to connect to the FTP or even to know what to do with the FTP once they connect may have some capabilities for what to do. We have categories for just the team, any game news we wish the talk about, […]