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27 Feb: Oblitus with Seizui




When: Friday, 27 February 2015
Where: Sanctuary Crew – Channel 1
Time: 1200 Pacific Standard Time

Are you a bad enough dude to take on the brutal and mysterious world as an amnesiac warrior with a spear?! Follow the tale of Parvus as he faces his heavy burden.

The game is developed by Connor Ullmann (@UllCon), programmed by Shawn Adams (@qtbon), composed by Josh Whelchel (@soundofjw), and published by Adult Swim Games (@adultswimgames).

Join Seizui(@seizui_), the stabbing fiend with a lot of rage, as he stabs his way through everything in his way as he seeks to become the greatest warrior of all time. No towering boss will stand in his way.

This will be a preview of the game release.

More Information on the game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/306440/

20th Anniversary of Lufia 2

On February 24th, we will be running a Lufia-thon in celebration of the original Japanese release of Lufia 2 (or Estpolis Denki 2 as it was known then).


Seolla will be on Lufia 2, therpgfan on Lufia 1, and I will be playing Lufia: The Legend Returns because I hate myself (I actually like the game).

So, this was just a heads up. If anyone wants to play any other Lufia game (Ruins of Lore or Curse of the Sinistrals), what’s wrong with you? I mean… you’re more than welcome to… but… um… what’s wrong with you?

Sanctuary Crew Presents: The Darkest Dungeon (Feb 6)

Hey everyone, we will be presenting a livestream gameplay of The Darkest Dungeon.darkestdungeonlogo_main

What is Darkest Dungeon?

It is a gothic roguelike turn-based RPG that deals with the stresses of adventuring. You get to train a group of flawed heroes against the unimaginable horrors.

Their game comes out Feb 3.

Who will stream it?

Our streamer in question is none other than RetroNutcase. He’ll be handling the gameplay for everyone to see. Stay tuned to see the game in action!

When will it be streamed?

This Friday, February 6th. Stay tuned for more information.

A Return to Familiar, Yet Not so Familiar Waters.

Long Ago, when Char was but a teenager,there was a game called Navyfield. It was at it’s time, and technically still is, on of the only Naval-Based World War Two MMORPGs. Made by SDEnterNET WAY back in 2004,it is a sprite based MMORPG Focused on the Naval Combat of World War 2.From the Isometric Perspective, you Captain your mighty vessel to Victory or Defeat. You had Sailors representing the major stations of your ship. as They leveled up,you got access to better equipment and Larger,more Powerful Vessels. It was simplicity in itself. at the time, I was riding the High of Koei’s Naval Ops: Commander,and this game was the closest thing to it. but now,it was online! Continue reading A Return to Familiar, Yet Not so Familiar Waters.

Extra Life time slots up for grabs

There are no set lengths to the slots. If you feel like you can be an emergency back up for that slot as well, feel free to note that. If anyone has any ideas for any potential multiplayer streams that would be amazing.

I’ll try my best to take up any free slots but I can’t guarantee my availability especially early in the morning.

If there are any questions or conflicts, feel free to ask. You all should know where to catch me by now.

Conquer China with Me!

So, streaming capabilities is a go. I’m planning to run Romance of the Three Kingdoms for Extra Life. I’m going to poke a lot of you to get you to create a character so that the Sanctuary Crew can conquer China. Anyone who wants to take initiative on that is more than welcome to poke me first.

Here’s some idea of what you’ll need to think about:

Name: Surnames appear first because China. For example: I used RPG as my surname so that it appears as RPG Mel710 in the game

Stats: The game doesn’t give me a limit to what stats I can give everybody, but it’d be no fun to make everyone complete powerhouses so I’ve limited the stat point allocation to 360 of a possible 500. The stats are Leadership (affects how strong your army is), War (affects your dueling ability), Int (affects how powerful/effective your strategies are), Pol (affects your ability to get civil work- like finding officers and diplomacy- done), and Charisma (affects how well you can charm people into working for you)

So let’s bend ancient China over our knee, folks!

1-Up Time

Hey guys, remember what next week is? The title is a hint~

Time for Extra Life and while I’m sure many of you have thought of your own individual plans for this event, it’s time to actually coordinate all those ideas. So now you have a topic to accomplish that goal. Comment. Plan. All those good things. Let’s do it for the kids!

Oh, and if anyone here has an excuse why they can’t participate make a post here as well. Even the ones who have already told me theirs please?

The Art of Simulation.

Hey! It’s your Friendly Neighborhood Colony Dropper here to let you in on some fun behind the scenes stuff. I have over the past few weeks been reigniting my passions of Simulators. Impulse Buying Track IR4 and IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad in a single night. Followed up by a new Graphics card purchase the next day. Of course my new Joystick which was Unboxed on Twitter a month ago. Here I’ll be giving a rundown of everything I’ve done.

Long Shot


Wide Shot Showing my tiny Monitor that I use and my Joystick/Keyboard Setup. Generally when I’m on my PC I’m running it to my Flat Screen TV,but that arrangement is horrible for serious gaming.The Stick I use is a T.Flight HOTAS X From Thrustmaster. A Simple little stick with a Detachable Throttle and Twist Rudder. Not the best out there but pretty good for it’s price.

Reference Sticky

A reference Sticky for Common Altitudes in Meters and Feet.Superchargers for certain planes in IL-2 need to be changed from the 1st stage to the 2nd stage at specific altitudes,given in Meters, by their reference sheets.This also helps me quickly see where about to look for friendlies if they call for aid,since not everyone is using the Glorious Imperial System.



Kindle of Knowledge

My Kindle, which is generally not used to read. I usually use it to read chat when I’m streaming. In this mode,I’m using it as a quick Cockpit reference guide for the Yakovlev Yak-1. On the right of the screen is also some helpful Quick notes about the aircraft. This was compiled by Lodebeard on the IL-2 Forums. There is one for every aircraft in the game except the Heinkel He-111 and the Focke-Wulf Fw-190.





My Screen showing one of Chuck’s many Aircraft Guides for the Junkers Ju-87  Stuka Dive Bomber. Shown are the “Jericho’s Trumpets” that made the oh so infamous whining sound when the Stuka dived. Of course the Camera looking thing is the Track IR4’s  Infrared Sensor.Which when combined with the Track Clip Pro Gives me unprecedented visibility around the cockpit.


The Map

Lost? I’m not! This is a map of the area around Stalingrad.The Squares are 10 kilometers by 10 kilometers.Using a ruler you can easily tell distances between Airfields and landmarks. Besides the forests, trees, and rivers, you can also make out roads and railways. The big black area just right of the center is Stalingrad. Known better today as Volgograd. Volgograd of course sits along the shores of the Mighty Volga River.


Know the Enemy


Friend or Foe? Let’s see. These Sheets show what the Lavochkin La-5, Yakovlev Yak-1, and Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Gudkov LaGG-3 look up against the Messerschmitt Bf-109.As you can see, the Red La-5 is Shorter and has a smaller wingspan compared to the Black Bf-109. on Expert difficulty setting in IL-2,it’s up to you to spot,track,and ID a plane or ground target. Best way to kill the enemy, is to make sure you’re not shooting at friendlies!


My love of Trains,Planes,and Submarines in one picture. Flight Simulator 2004 sits up in it’s corner, Displaying the Douglas DC-3 with pride. On Top is Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific, including the U-Boat Missions expansion pack. Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War sits tucked underneath, but not forgotten. and completing the tour is a Metal Desk piece of  Arcade and Attica’s  Alco 2-8-0 Consolidation Steam Locomotive.

This concludes my little tour. I hope you enjoyed. Look forward to more IL-2 coming to a stream near you!

27 September: (Unofficially) Falcom Day

… Because why the hell not?

Check the calendar for this Saturday (27 September 2014), people, because it is (unofficially)




Coming this Saturday, we are going from the old school to current gen. Or at least, as current as can be.

  • 7 AM PST: Legacy of the Wizard (Brought to you by Therpgfan)
  • 11 AM PST: Zwei 2 (Brought to you by Seizui)
  • 3 PM PST: Sen No Kiseki II (Brought to you by omgfloofy)

So be sure to come and watch as we kick things off with a bang and end it with the current gen.

Megacraft Classic’s Author Mulls Over Microsoft And Minecraft

I host a single-player survival Minecraft series called The Timber River Project, and as I look around at all I’ve done in it, I feel kinda concerned due to recent events. I mean, I finally got my first toothache and though I think I’ll be able to pay for it and everything, it’s been fickle and causing me stress that’s been affecting my video output, as if I didn’t have enough factors tampering with that already. I live with a family of five, myself included, I have various pets to take care of, I give my folks a good amount of help cause they’re getting on in years, I have zero income at present, but also a new job that I’m gonna begin training for on Monday, and I have Tales from the Creature Keeper, my series of novels, competing for my attention as well. I’m going through a period where I’m feeling kinda stressed and it’ll take time to sort things out and get them under control.

One thing I’m not very stressed about though is Microsoft buying Mojang. I really don’t trust Microsoft at all, granted, at least not yet, but if things are gonna go south, it’s at least gonna take some time for them to do so.
Continue reading Megacraft Classic’s Author Mulls Over Microsoft And Minecraft