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Rudra no Hihou Donate-a-Spell

I will be streaming Rudra no Hihou during Extra Life with an incentive to donate to either help or hinder my progress. A minimum $5 donation to anyone on the Sanctuary Crew’s team page with an attached note stating a spell/name you would like me to include on my spell list for a single streaming session. A $20 donation will force me to include the spell for the whole game.

Unfortunately the mantra system is a bit limited so here are the rules for what is an acceptable as a spell name:

1. Limit of 12 characters.

2. No numbers or other symbols.

3. Nothing inflammatory or hateful like cursewords.

4. The maximum spell limit is 32. Only 28 slots will be available per streaming session. 10 slots will be available as permanent spells.

To clarify, I will actually be using viewer’s names as I play, the incentive is only to force my hand to keep your name and/or add a specific spell on my list for the specified amount of time.

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