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Sanctuary Crew Presents: EXTRA LIFE WEEK! « Sanctuary Crew Gaming

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Sanctuary Crew Presents: EXTRA LIFE WEEK!


Hello Everybody! It is I! Your Extra Life Overlord Char! Wait one moment… I have been informed I cannot refer to myself as the Extra Life Overlord… ANYWAYS! Here is the Definitive Guide to what will be happening with Sanctuary Crew!

Starting on October 30th, We will be running Extra Life Week. October 30th will be the bulk of the Crew’s Activities. Starting no later than 12 Noon Pacific time, and finishing at Midnight Pacific. Running 24 Hours starting midnight the 31st will be Firehawke’s 24 Hour Marathon. Unlike the past few years, we will not be doing a continual Stream beyond this point. Though that doesn’t mean the Fun has to stop. Every stream on the channel running through the Weekend of November 7th will be considered Part of Extra Life, and donations are still welcomed during the week.


As an added bonus, our Resident Goat, Seizui, has promised us the SWEETEST of Raffle Prizes if enough people turn up. The Raffle itself can happen at anytime between the 30th and the 31st, and WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON TWITTER at least ONE HOUR in advance of it happening. That way, everyone gets a fair shot at it. The prize will be announced then as well.


Members currently Participating and their Extra Life Name:

Char0093: Chris Zeon
RPGMel710: Melvin Lei
RetroNutcase: N/A
TheRPGFan: Matthew McManus
Firehawke: Firehawke of The Sanctuary Crew
Seolla: N/A


Stay tuned for more updates as the day goes on!



Special Extra Life Event!


Sean Chiplock, the voice of Rean Schwarzer, will join the Sanctuary Crew for a special stream to demonstrate Trails of Cold Steel on Friday 10/30/2015 at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific!

Feel free to join, ask questions, and possibly fall into random shenanigans as we all launch into hilarity that may be rife with distractions from Undertale and other hot games right now.

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