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We’re moving to Hitbox!


June will be both the beginning and end of an era: Sanctuary Crew will be moving almost all of our streaming video operations over to Hitbox.TV!

This has been a long time coming; some of our oldest friends will remember that we left Livestream for Justin.TV after several years of increasing headaches. We were amongst the channels that the Justin.TV staff interviewed during the process of spinning off the gaming channels to their new Twitch platform, and we really do have to thank Twitch and their staff for all the wonderful times.

However, recently Twitch stability and policy has been somewhat problematic, and recent attempts to work out some details with Twitch staff have not been satisfactory. Sanctuary Crew has been doing some quiet, limited testing of the Hitbox platform, and we’re mostly impressed with what we’ve seen.

The quality is higher on the same bitrate, chat is more stable and more featureful, and the stream latency is generally at the 3-5 seconds we used to enjoy on Justin.TV. We believe this will be better for both us and our viewers.

We hope you will join us on the new platform.


I did say almost all of our streams will be moving to Hitbox. PS4 game streams, especially those with viewer interaction, will continue to appear on Twitch as that’s the only place those game streams function correctly. If and when Hitbox gains that capability, we’ll reassess the situation.

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