Sal is a person who lived in various places, such as parts of the USA and Venezuela. He discovered the Sanctuary Crew in 2012 through Seon, who he knew since his college days in the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Sal joined the group in 2018 after Firehawke gave him a call. When Sal is not gaming, he is immersed in the realm of anime and grownups in rubber suits beating up rubber suit monsters. He’s still devising a way to balance his time with anime, manga, video games, and Tokusatsu into one manageable platter. While his plan sounds like an impossible task, Sal hopes to accomplish this goal one day. When he’s in the mood for a challenge, Sal loves to overcome the spiciest meals in the world. If he defeats them, Sal hopes to obtain the powers to resist the hottest temperatures, along with the ability to drink lava. Hopefully he won’t burn up in the process!