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11:00 pm Classic Kontrol with CK
Classic Kontrol with CK
Feb 6 @ 11:00 pm – Feb 7 @ 1:00 am
Just a show where CK plays games of old and offers both cerebral and passionate commentary on them.
11:00 pm Classic Kontrol with CK
Classic Kontrol with CK
Feb 6 @ 11:00 pm – Feb 7 @ 1:00 am
Just a show where CK plays games of old and offers both cerebral and passionate commentary on them.
11:00 pm Classic Kontrol with CK
Classic Kontrol with CK
Feb 13 @ 11:00 pm – Feb 14 @ 1:00 am
Just a show where CK plays games of old and offers both cerebral and passionate commentary on them.
11:00 pm Classic Kontrol with CK
Classic Kontrol with CK
Feb 13 @ 11:00 pm – Feb 14 @ 1:00 am
Just a show where CK plays games of old and offers both cerebral and passionate commentary on them.
11:00 pm Classic Kontrol with CK
Classic Kontrol with CK
Feb 20 @ 11:00 pm – Feb 21 @ 1:00 am
Just a show where CK plays games of old and offers both cerebral and passionate commentary on them.
11:00 pm Classic Kontrol with CK
Classic Kontrol with CK
Feb 20 @ 11:00 pm – Feb 21 @ 1:00 am
Just a show where CK plays games of old and offers both cerebral and passionate commentary on them.

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A Return to Familiar, Yet Not so Familiar Waters.

Long Ago, when Char was but a teenager,there was a game called Navyfield. It was at it’s time, and technically still is, on of the only Naval-Based World War Two MMORPGs. Made by SDEnterNET WAY back in 2004,it is a sprite based MMORPG Focused on the Naval Combat of World War 2.From the Isometric Perspective, you Captain your mighty vessel to Victory or Defeat. You had Sailors representing the major stations of your ship. as They leveled up,you got access to better equipment and Larger,more Powerful Vessels. It was simplicity in itself. at the time, I was riding the High of Koei’s Naval Ops: Commander,and this game was the closest thing to it. but now,it was online! Continue reading A Return to Familiar, Yet Not so Familiar Waters.

Extra Life time slots up for grabs

There are no set lengths to the slots. If you feel like you can be an emergency back up for that slot as well, feel free to note that. If anyone has any ideas for any potential multiplayer streams that would be amazing.

I’ll try my best to take up any free slots but I can’t guarantee my availability especially early in the morning.

If there are any questions or conflicts, feel free to ask. You all should know where to catch me by now.

Conquer China with Me!

So, streaming capabilities is a go. I’m planning to run Romance of the Three Kingdoms for Extra Life. I’m going to poke a lot of you to get you to create a character so that the Sanctuary Crew can conquer China. Anyone who wants to take initiative on that is more than welcome to poke me first.

Here’s some idea of what you’ll need to think about:

Name: Surnames appear first because China. For example: I used RPG as my surname so that it appears as RPG Mel710 in the game

Stats: The game doesn’t give me a limit to what stats I can give everybody, but it’d be no fun to make everyone complete powerhouses so I’ve limited the stat point allocation to 360 of a possible 500. The stats are Leadership (affects how strong your army is), War (affects your dueling ability), Int (affects how powerful/effective your strategies are), Pol (affects your ability to get civil work- like finding officers and diplomacy- done), and Charisma (affects how well you can charm people into working for you)

So let’s bend ancient China over our knee, folks!

1-Up Time

Hey guys, remember what next week is? The title is a hint~

Time for Extra Life and while I’m sure many of you have thought of your own individual plans for this event, it’s time to actually coordinate all those ideas. So now you have a topic to accomplish that goal. Comment. Plan. All those good things. Let’s do it for the kids!

Oh, and if anyone here has an excuse why they can’t participate make a post here as well. Even the ones who have already told me theirs please?

The Art of Simulation.

Hey! It’s your Friendly Neighborhood Colony Dropper here to let you in on some fun behind the scenes stuff. I have over the past few weeks been reigniting my passions of Simulators. Impulse Buying Track IR4 and IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad in a single night. Followed up by a new Graphics card purchase the next day. Of course my new Joystick which was Unboxed on Twitter a month ago. Here I’ll be giving a rundown of everything I’ve done.

Long Shot


Wide Shot Showing my tiny Monitor that I use and my Joystick/Keyboard Setup. Generally when I’m on my PC I’m running it to my Flat Screen TV,but that arrangement is horrible for serious gaming.The Stick I use is a T.Flight HOTAS X From Thrustmaster. A Simple little stick with a Detachable Throttle and Twist Rudder. Not the best out there but pretty good for it’s price.

Reference Sticky

A reference Sticky for Common Altitudes in Meters and Feet.Superchargers for certain planes in IL-2 need to be changed from the 1st stage to the 2nd stage at specific altitudes,given in Meters, by their reference sheets.This also helps me quickly see where about to look for friendlies if they call for aid,since not everyone is using the Glorious Imperial System.



Kindle of Knowledge

My Kindle, which is generally not used to read. I usually use it to read chat when I’m streaming. In this mode,I’m using it as a quick Cockpit reference guide for the Yakovlev Yak-1. On the right of the screen is also some helpful Quick notes about the aircraft. This was compiled by Lodebeard on the IL-2 Forums. There is one for every aircraft in the game except the Heinkel He-111 and the Focke-Wulf Fw-190.





My Screen showing one of Chuck’s many Aircraft Guides for the Junkers Ju-87  Stuka Dive Bomber. Shown are the “Jericho’s Trumpets” that made the oh so infamous whining sound when the Stuka dived. Of course the Camera looking thing is the Track IR4’s  Infrared Sensor.Which when combined with the Track Clip Pro Gives me unprecedented visibility around the cockpit.


The Map

Lost? I’m not! This is a map of the area around Stalingrad.The Squares are 10 kilometers by 10 kilometers.Using a ruler you can easily tell distances between Airfields and landmarks. Besides the forests, trees, and rivers, you can also make out roads and railways. The big black area just right of the center is Stalingrad. Known better today as Volgograd. Volgograd of course sits along the shores of the Mighty Volga River.


Know the Enemy


Friend or Foe? Let’s see. These Sheets show what the Lavochkin La-5, Yakovlev Yak-1, and Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Gudkov LaGG-3 look up against the Messerschmitt Bf-109.As you can see, the Red La-5 is Shorter and has a smaller wingspan compared to the Black Bf-109. on Expert difficulty setting in IL-2,it’s up to you to spot,track,and ID a plane or ground target. Best way to kill the enemy, is to make sure you’re not shooting at friendlies!


My love of Trains,Planes,and Submarines in one picture. Flight Simulator 2004 sits up in it’s corner, Displaying the Douglas DC-3 with pride. On Top is Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific, including the U-Boat Missions expansion pack. Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War sits tucked underneath, but not forgotten. and completing the tour is a Metal Desk piece of  Arcade and Attica’s  Alco 2-8-0 Consolidation Steam Locomotive.

This concludes my little tour. I hope you enjoyed. Look forward to more IL-2 coming to a stream near you!

27 September: (Unofficially) Falcom Day

… Because why the hell not?

Check the calendar for this Saturday (27 September 2014), people, because it is (unofficially)




Coming this Saturday, we are going from the old school to current gen. Or at least, as current as can be.

  • 7 AM PST: Legacy of the Wizard (Brought to you by Therpgfan)
  • 11 AM PST: Zwei 2 (Brought to you by Seizui)
  • 3 PM PST: Sen No Kiseki II (Brought to you by omgfloofy)

So be sure to come and watch as we kick things off with a bang and end it with the current gen.

Megacraft Classic’s Author Mulls Over Microsoft And Minecraft

I host a single-player survival Minecraft series called The Timber River Project, and as I look around at all I’ve done in it, I feel kinda concerned due to recent events. I mean, I finally got my first toothache and though I think I’ll be able to pay for it and everything, it’s been fickle and causing me stress that’s been affecting my video output, as if I didn’t have enough factors tampering with that already. I live with a family of five, myself included, I have various pets to take care of, I give my folks a good amount of help cause they’re getting on in years, I have zero income at present, but also a new job that I’m gonna begin training for on Monday, and I have Tales from the Creature Keeper, my series of novels, competing for my attention as well. I’m going through a period where I’m feeling kinda stressed and it’ll take time to sort things out and get them under control.

One thing I’m not very stressed about though is Microsoft buying Mojang. I really don’t trust Microsoft at all, granted, at least not yet, but if things are gonna go south, it’s at least gonna take some time for them to do so.
Continue reading Megacraft Classic’s Author Mulls Over Microsoft And Minecraft

A Heartfelt Food For Thought

I am a gamer.
I am a warrior of the past, a rebel of the present, and an agent of the future.
I am the old and the new, from pixel to polygon.
I am finite and infinite.
I have answered the yearning of my imagination.

I am a gamer.
When I open the gate, it takes me to a different world.
I will travel the world, see new lands, explore places I never dreamed of.
My controller is my sword, shield, gun, guide, or whatever I want it to be.
I will defeat the monster, rescue and protect the defenseless, be hailed as a hero.
I will harm the villagers, I will fight the good, I will be denounced as a monster.
I am good, I am evil, I am anything.

I am a gamer.
Enemy or friend, we share the same passion.
It brings us together to face the odds before us.
It brings us at odds with each other as views collide.
In the end, it is settled in an idealized world.
It is our war, it is our peace, it is our world.

I am a gamer.
I am proud to be a gamer.

- GAMER CREED (developed by Seizui)


Hello everyone, I’m Danny D. Henderson Jr, but I often go by Seizui. I am not the best at platforming like Firehawke, nor am I good at any fighting games like a few other of my counterparts. Just a guy who has a good knowledge of video game history and who has been involved in the aging process since the late-80s/early-90s. I’ve witnessed the time that Sonic was the greatest icon that even hotels advertised the Game Gear with Sonic 2. I’ve witnessed the fall of Sega and the rise of companies like Sony and Microsoft. All of them have brought diverse games and each of them have given a place for nearly everyone.

When I was younger, I had all of the time to play video games and to master them.  Heck, I remember my first game being the NES with Mario Bros/Duck Hunt that I often played with my father at times. It drove me to collect games such as Super Ninja Boys, Ninja Gaiden series, etc. However, I am now approaching 9 years in the military and am a very busy person who will be juggling with his Masters in Information Assurance and getting involved in the Information Security world that I do not have as much time as I used to.  I am not as good in a large library of games that I have been when I was younger. I barely have time to play them as I used to anymore.  It is actually through Sanctuary Crew that I stream games so that I can actually get myself to sit down, play, and enjoy them. It is through the streaming group that I face off against aliens or warlords with my friends in co-op action. It is through them that I can network around and bring other developers to learn of our diversity and enjoy the diversity with us.

With that background out of the way, I want to go onto the heart of the matter. I am not a person who cares for politics.  However, I do care when the politics puts what I love within the crossfire and I can confidently say that Sanctuary Crew as a whole feels the same way. So what do I do? I decide to turn to the aspects of what the military has brought in my life that I think is good for us to adopt: A baseline.

It is why I looked into the Airman’s Creed. Some consider it hokey and eyeroll-worthy. However, it has some merit. We do not have the sense of history that we likely have in the past with the way that modernization has brought changes in paradigms and tradition. However, it also helps to understand and have a core belief. I decided to take the approach to create a Gamer Creed.

The Gamer Creed is one devoid of prejudices yet encompasses what we all like. It encompasses the old school, the new school, the casuals, the hardcore, those who like good, those who like evil.  In the end, it reminds us why we like gaming as a hobby.

So with that, I urge you all to remember what was it that got you gaming, what you liked about it, and why.

And be proud.

Couldn’t leave some things without a response

So I made the mistake of checking Twitter before going back to bed, and found myself unable to sleep until I’d responded to a few things. Two tweets in particular caught my eye. The first one is a good point worth debating:

The simplest counterpoint is that as far as your non-game-playing Aunt, Fox News, CNN, NBC, and your senator is concerned, there IS NO DIFFERENCE between the use of “Gamer” as someone who plays video games as compared to the culture as a whole. The use of the term is wholly there to paint the broadest, easiest strokes possible across the largest number of people possible. While you may think that there’s a difference, we ALL are getting painted the same way– negatively.

If you wish to argue that there are issues within the subculture of gaming that calls itself “Gamers who frequent 4chan” or “Gamers who play Call of Duty”, or even “Gamers who stream on Twitch”, then we have a perfectly suitable starting point for discussion. Arguing that “Gamers” doesn’t include every last one of us is disingenuous.

That, in turn, brings up our second tweet:

As I honestly expected, there’s no room for debate here with some people. Either you agree or you’re “too thick to grasp the concept.”

Very disappointing.



Lack of communication got us here.

I’ve been sitting on this for a few days, trying to consider very carefully how I want to say the following. I don’t really expect people to listen, but if I can convince even one person to stop and think, this will have been worth the effort.

Let’s get one thing straight from the beginning:

I am a gamer. I play video games as a hobby. I’ve been playing them for over 35 years now.

Some would say that makes me a terrible person, in light of some recent events within the gaming community. I say that the rush to judge people without really thinking things through is the real crime here. The sad truth of things is that there’s a definite “Us VS Them” attitude out there right now making it absolutely impossible to really have an honest discussion or debate.

Has the statute of limitations run out on this yet?

Is there a serious problem in the gaming community right now? Certainly; there are a lot of people out there who immediately lash out with hateful spite… on both sides of the fence.

Are there misogynistic threats against women? Certainly. I’ve seen plenty of it. Is it the majority of the gaming fanbase? Heavens, no! They’re a minority– a very very vocal one, but a minority nevertheless. A large chunk of us just want to enjoy our hobby in peace and not grief anyone else, but it’s always the ones who enjoy raising havoc that make the headlines.

So, let’s talk about this “social justice warrior” phenomenon. The big problem with the method that the SJWs are using is that setting a hardline “Us VS Them” attitude and declaring war doesn’t solve anything. Sitting down and actually having an honest discussion is where solutions to problems start to form, and this leads us right back to the “Nobody wants to talk about any of this” lamentation.

Recently I saw an attempt to shame a company over a line of dialogue provided by a game character– one with a particularly unpleasant personality inspired by the types of people who frequent places like 2ch and 4chan. Had this game actually been a movie, there would have been no moral outrage over any of this: people are aware movie characters are fictional and that sometimes a story requires a less pleasant character to fit a scenario. Yet, in video games, people argue that this is not acceptable and that any character written simply ‘MUST’ be the attitude of the game designer.

This is simply not true. If we can accept that the Empire could blow up an entire planet and murder millions of people with a space laser in Star Wars, why can we not accept that a video game character based on the archetype of something perhaps less evil (but still unsavory!) should act as their character demands?

This seems to apply in general to anything that (some) women consider offensive, I might add. Video games are art and contain speech that I may not agree with, but I would not choose to censor that speech. Instead, I would counter speech with more speech. TALK about what offends you, DISCUSS it. If the game is that offensive to you, choose not to purchase it. If you want to design a game with a completely different viewpoint, then DO so.

Warner Bros is beginning to show some of the (now) offensive old cartoons of the past with a note that “These cartoons are being presented as they were originally created, because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming these predjudices never existed.”

Censoring characters of that nature is simply DENYING that there are racists, murderers, misogynists, and so forth out there. It doesn’t change anything to tell people “You can’t talk about this!”– ask the Germans how denying their past has helped them. It hasn’t. The lack of discussion has allowed the horrible decisions of the past to be reborn in new generations because kids are never taught to analyze that horrible past.

Let art be art. Let art make you think. Let art make you DISCUSS thoughts, even evil and horrible thoughts.