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10:00 pm Classic Kontrol with CK
Classic Kontrol with CK
Aug 21 @ 10:00 pm – Aug 22 @ 12:00 am
Just a show where CK plays games of old and offers both cerebral and passionate commentary on them.
10:00 pm Classic Kontrol with CK
Classic Kontrol with CK
Aug 28 @ 10:00 pm – Aug 29 @ 12:00 am
Just a show where CK plays games of old and offers both cerebral and passionate commentary on them.

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Firefall: Potential For Greatness, But Needs a Little Work.



About two weeks ago we saw the official release of a game that has been through a long development cycle, filled with ups and downs.  Over this development period I would poke into early access to see what was going on with something I had been intrigued by the concept of. An open world shooter with a dynamic living map? Sign me up! So what do I think about the game now that it’s become open for anyone to play? Continue reading Firefall: Potential For Greatness, But Needs a Little Work.

Coming Tonight! Sanctuary Crew Roundtable – Twitch, Content IDs, and You


We had a really lively discussion on this topic last night on Mumble, and we had the idea to bring that to you tonight. We’ll continue our discussion of twitch.tv and its new content ID system in a format where people can ask questions and participate in the discussion.

Feel free to drop in the chat, and join in. The background will probably be some low impact games that don’t need me paying too much attention, because- frankly- it’s better to give you something visual instead of the talking heads I can’t add in. (I’ll figure it out one day!) We have a variety of backgrounds and opinions of the situation so it should be a lot of fun, and I’m sure your questions will set off a number of chain reactions with the rest of us- so please don’t be afraid to chip in!

Nevertheless, we don’t know who will be involved- not yet, but I can promise you that a lot of your favorite Sanctuary Crew faces will be part of this, as this is an issue that impacts us all as gamers and streamers.

Pun of the Day #3

Well, this is hawkward!

A friend was recently having some payroll issues at work, so I told him “On payroll issues, all I can say is it’s a hairy situation: ‘Toupee or not toupee, hair is no question!’




Scheduled Event: Hawke plays stuff from the 80s, 90s, and today

NESpadI’ve been recently going through some fairly major changes in my life in terms of work environment and scheduling. I believe my schedule may have actually calmed a little, so I’m going to try to commit myself to a weekly stream as part of our new push to be more active. The WHEN is still somewhat tentative while I get a feel for how my new employer is going to be changing my schedule, though I’m going to commit to weekly so long as I have bandwidth, working hardware, and I’m not dead, in the hospital, or out of the state!

Can you tell I really hate making promises when there are uncontrollable factors?

Featured Stream: Aegis Defenders Demo & Interview w/GUTS Department(hosted by Seizui)


A new Kickstarter campaign is up and running. This game is called Aegis Defenders. You’ll follow the story of a pair of ruinhunters, engineer Bart and his granddaughter Clu, as they search for the one thing that can save their village from the ruthless Empire – a legendary weapon known as Aegis.

We have a special treat for you all. Join Sanctuary Crew for a sneak peek of the gameplay hosted by the Stab Happy Seizui (and a possible facilitator to do the talking) as we interview the developers of the game, GUTS Department. We will also hope that Seizui does not die (too horribly).

Let’s enjoy the taking a look into a world where technology has taken over.

Trails in the sky is out!


My favorite rpg “The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky”, is out RIGHT NOW on Steam, Good Old Games and Gamers Gate. Buy it now while the 15% off deal is going on this week!

Block News #1: The Best News Around The Block

There’s this plucky little Minecraft news show called Block News. It just launched its first episode today and I was part of the studio audience. I even got to ask the special guest a question!

The guest was DocM77, one of the most noteworthy contributors to the Minecraft community. He and his friends on the ZipCrowd server are responsible for some of the more remarkable and OP inventions in the game, and they’re very close to Mojang’s ear, such that they were allowed to contribute code to make Slime Blocks in the 1.8 update able to push and pull other blocks attached to them.

Check out the first edition of Block News here!

Why does the human race have puns.

Because of the fact that language have multiple uses for one word. For example: Toy.  The word “toy” has  two uses, one is for an item that we consider children using like dolls or small stuff that we let kids use, then there is the other term of “toy” as in playing around or the correct term “toying around”.  With other languages and more terms coming in the dictionary every day, punning will just keep getting better and better.  Now, let the puns flow!

Pun of the Day #2

Well, this is hawkward!

You know why The Hulk even exists, right ? Someone skipped Beta and went straight into Gamma testing.




Inaugural pun of the day:

Well, this is hawkward!

So one of my coworkers was complaining that “it’s literally the worst time for Mountain Dew to start selling Baja Blast Mountain Dew in bottles” because of an apparent lime shortage. I retorted, “So I guess one of the high executives should have taken advantage of their Lime-item Veto?”